Proper exercise, grooming and nutrition are as important for our animals as for ourselves.

Proper supplements can improve your animals overall wellness and help promote a long and healthy life.

These supplements have been most effective for Dogs, Cats and Horses

#1 SerraPet™ Tablets


SerraPet™ Great Health Support for Dogs, Horses and Cats. (The Original Serrapeptase) helps promote better well-being for their inflammatory system and supports their whole body inc. Cysts, Joints, Digestive Tracts, Colon, Arteries, Lungs, and anywhere inflammation needs resolving. This fabulous effective formula provides perfect strength 80,000iu enteric coated capsules for the best absorption.

#2 Digestive150™

Digestive150™ is a Professional Strength complex containing eight digestive enzymes which aids digestion and replaces the essential enzymes that cooking destroys. Deficiencies are indicated by a poor digestive system, heartburn, bloating, food allergies, lung problems, even arthritis, sinusitis and colds. Once you have corrected the imbalances that led to your symptoms, you may use Digestive150™ to maintain nutritional balance.

#3 Probiotic14™

Probiotic14™ offers 14 viable strains of friendly bacteria, containing 9 billion colony-forming units. Complete with FOS to nourish the friendly bacteria, helps maintains the health of your whole digestive tract and your body. It improves the absorption of essential nutrients, helps to protect against harmful bacteria and strengthens the immune response to toxins in the lungs. Probiotic14™ is resistant to normal room temperatures and does not require refrigeration.

#4 Active Life™ 32oz

Active Life™ - 90 Vitamin & Minerals formula, is a great tasting liquid, containing every one of the essential nutrients that may be missing from their diet. Being liquid it is three times better absorbed that tablets. They’re also the complete nutritional formula that is not only actively good for you but also tastes good. Active Life™ contains calcium, magnesium and vitamin D for growing bones and teeth; vitamin C, vitamin A, zinc and many more minerals for a strong defense system …….. and, many, many more.