Hello Everyone,

It is important that I remind myself and all of you, the results I am having and sharing with you are true and accurate but they are my results.  Not everyone has the same health problems and may not receive the same results.  I am hopeful my results will continue to improve.

OK, on to the results at hand (strike that) FOOT!  I am continuing to see improved results as on the 3rd.  I still massage my foot each morning but the mass that is between the bones, has started to get smaller and certainly less painful.  I am able to work each day and suffer less through-out the day.  It is still painful but nothing like it had been for sooooo many months.

My sister is also still having improvements in her walking with reduced pain.  She has other health situations that she thinks may also show some changes but we will discuss that later.

I mentioned that I also suffer from PMR (Polymyalgia rheumatica) and take both a steroid medication (Predisone) for the pain and a medication (test med.) to offset the effects on the body caused by Predisone.  When you look up the side effects of each medication, there are not too many things to feel positive about other than the relief from the excruciating pain.  I can only hope that the PMR will end soon.  This condition, PMR, can start without cause and can end the same way.  It unfortunately can also drag on for many years.

I have noticed that the typical symptoms I have from the PMR are less than normal.  I have not decided whether “Serrapeptase” enzyme is helping these symptoms yet but I am keeping the changes in mind.  I still find that at times my back spasms and it is very painful.  I forget that it could be one of the problems of PMR.  It appears it must be because if I take additional Predisone for the PMR, it helps relieve the back pain, where other pain relievers do not help.  There are many different areas that the PMR touches and trying to decide what the cause of the pain is, becomes sometimes a real guessing game.  I don’t want to take something for the PMR because of the damage it causes but after suffering, I will try the medication for the PMR and unfortunately, most of the time, the pain is caused by the PMR.

Positive Thoughts lead to Positive Actions!!   I am positive I am getting some relief with “Serrapeptase”.  Time will tell, how much!!

Good Day!  It’s Wednesday

     I am hoping that I am not just imagining things, but I have started to notice a change in the pain in my foot.  The change is so gradual that unless you really think about it, you start having less discomfort but don’t pay attention to it.  THEN all of a sudden, “IT FEELS BETTER”.  This is the first time in many months that I can honestly say that I hurt but am not having the incredible pain and throbbing that I normally have.

     I talked with my sister, Wanda that lives in Tennessee this evening and I told her how much better my foot felt and GUESS WHAT?   She has been taking “Serrapeptase” for just a couple of days less that I have and her story is just as remarkable.  She has for many years had problems with her legs and it is very painful for her to walk anywhere.  She came to visit two months ago and stayed in our RV trailer in the back yard.  It was all she could do to get up and down the 3 stairs into our trailer.

      She went shopping at WalMart a couple of days ago and after walking all over the store, realized that she was not in as much pain as every other time she went shopping.  After she came home, her laundry is downstairs and she told me not only had she gone shopping but was able to do her laundry, going up and down the stairs.  ALL IN THE SAME DAY! 

       It appears we both are suffering from the same problem.  THINKING THAT “SERRAPEPTASE” REALLY WORKS!       

       We will wait till my next visit with you here to see if it is in our heads or this “Miracle Enzyme” is really a Miracle.


Good Morning.

     I have been taking Serrapeptase for 8 days and cannot tell you of any exciting changes yet.  I am working like I normally do, 5 days a week and still have the same pain in my foot.  I massage it every morning before I go to work but it is very painful to walk and I do not get any relief.  By the end of the day, I am in great pain and really look forward to going home and putting my feet up.  Raising my foot, does not relieve the pain but at least there is no pressure creating additional pain.  

     I have PMR (Polymyalgia rheumatica) which is a very painful inflammatory disease characterized by pain and stiffness in the muscles in and around the neck, shoulders and hips.  The inflammation that characterizes PMR is the result of white blood cells attacking the synovium (lining of the joints). The most commonly prescribed medications for PMR are corticosteroids (Predisone).  Unfortunately, steroids are not a medicine that anyone wants to take for very long.  There are some very ugly side effects and damage to the body.  

     Serrapeptase has indicated that it could have some positive improvements in inflammation in the body.  I will track any changes in the PMR but for now, lets follow the changes in my foot.